Investing in community strengths for positive outcomes

Tom Blatner
President and Founder
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As President and CEO of JANUS Solutions, Tom has led numerous strategic planning and management assistance projects in thirteen states, fourteen of New Jersey’s twenty-one counties and several of its major cities, including initiatives with former Newark Major and now NJ Senator, Cory Booker.

Tom Blatner

Tom leads JANUS Solutions with the kind of strategic vision that has characterized all his work. The architect of the JANUS team’s “Family Success platform” of services and initiatives, Tom brings to the company’s efforts his lifelong passion for transforming systems to create better opportunities for children, families and their communities.

Tom has held a variety of key governmental positions and has implemented major systems reforms primarily in the areas of children and family services, welfare reform and behavioral health. He is a respected authority on all areas of service delivery and has been a member of the Human Services Transition Teams for the last four New Jersey governors. His public sector professional experiences include serving as Director of the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services, the state’s child welfare agency. In this role he implemented a comprehensive restructuring of the entire state-operated child welfare system around a unified, three-tiered continuum of child protection, family preservation and support, and prevention.

Tom also established and served as Director of the Office of Policy, Planning and Advocacy in the New Jersey Department of Human Services. He was responsible for redesigning and restructuring services and personnel policies and assignments for that Department. As the Director of Policy and Planning for the Department of Human Services, he also created the County Human Service Advisory Councils, local planning bodies dedicated to identifying and meeting the needs of individuals and families within their communities.

Tom began his New Jersey government career at the Division of Mental Health and Hospitals, first as Assistant Director and then as Deputy Director and Chief Operational Officer. An ardent advocate of change, Tom designed and implemented reform of the adult and children’s’ mental health system around a community-based, unified service model, including the expansion of community support services and the restructuring of state psychiatric hospitals, which he supervised. Tom was also responsible for the regulation of the county-operated hospitals. In addition, he served as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Corrections for Juvenile Services before leaving state service to start JANUS Solutions in 1988.

Along with his professional work, Tom has served on numerous advisory groups at the state level and has enjoyed positive working relationships with key federal, state and local officials. He holds a BA from Colgate University with a major in political science, and a Master’s degree in public affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.