Success Story

Family Success

Eva is a 20-year-old single Mom living in Camden with two young children. Struggling to make ends meet, she saw her utilities cut off and faced eviction. She arrived at the Camden Family Success Center both desperate for help and distrustful of authority.

JANUS Solutions conceived of Family Success Centers for people like Eva. Among the original thinkers behind the Centers, the JANUS team proved instrumental in bringing Family Success Centers from the abstract realm of public policy to reality on the streets of Newark, Camden and Union Counties.

The Camden Family Success Center helped Eva solve her immediate problems by getting her utilities restored and her back rent paid. Then they helped her learn how to budget her income, secure a better job and persuaded her to join an ongoing parent support group at the Center so she could become more actively engaged in her children’s education.

Today, Eva maintains a steady income and a stable home. She is a parent leader on the Family Success Center Advisory Council, helping others to attain the success that she and her children enjoy.