Family Success

At JANUS Solutions, we understand that strong, successful families form the basis for productive individual lives as well as healthy communities.

Whether in child health and welfare, juvenile justice, developmental disability, education or youth employment, JANUS has been a leader in:

  • Policy development and advocacy
  • Program development
  • Strategic planning
  • Hands-on operational assistance
  • Rapid implementation
  • Resource development
  • Organizational governance

At JANUS Solutions, we have developed a bold new methodology that we call Family Success. Rather than organizing services and systems around treating symptoms of family distress, the Family Success model creates an array of services, resources and supports that help family members maximize their strengths. We focus our Family Success work on early childhood achievement, positive youth development and strong families/strong communities.

Working with individual non-profit agencies, large public institutions as well as broad community initiatives, JANUS engages parents, caregivers and community members in constructive conversation, working collaboratively to define accountability on the basis of what families need to succeed — not on how they fail. Building on a foundation of strength rather than deficit results in better services and better outcomes.

Our Consultants Can Help You:

  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Advocate for state-wide or county-wide policy innovation
  • Secure funding for system implementation
  • Design and implement effective programs that are inclusive by design
  • Create an evaluation matrix
  • Achieve positive results from your services

Star Ledger Article Contributed to by Tom Blatner - We care about all aspects of every families lives